Cross Rhino Beet De-stoner/Washer

A water based beet cleaning and chopping system by Cross Agricultural Engineers of Ireland which will be of interest to beet growers considering a biomass option or livestock farmers looking for a system that removes stones and mud before chopping the beet for feed.

The Cross Rhino Root Crop Washer and Chopper washes, de-stones and chops fodder beet or other roots. A cyclone system separates the beet from the stones while high pressure water cleans the beet.  The mud and stones are conveyed to the front of the machine and discarded. The chopper head is right at the top of the beet conveyor and can be adjusted to give a fine or course chop. Alternatively the clean beet can be discharged whole.

German farmers have bought 12 of the machines for chopping fodder beet that is mixed with maize and used in biogas digesters.
  Cross Elephant beet De-stoner/Washer

The extremely high-output Elephant is the flagship beet de-stoner/washer from Cross.

Driven by a 120hp engine, the machine has a rated capacity of 80 to 100 tonnes of washed
beet per hour and thanks to its 4m unloading height can even load articulated truck trailers.

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