Panien beet chaser for Hydro Trike XL

Hydro Trike as a chaser

With its low ground pressure capabilities the five-wheel Hydro Trike XL is the ideal base machine for a self-propelled chaser required to work in arduous conditions. The extending axle allows the machine’s weight to be evenly spread over a wide area with each wheel following a different track - particularly important in a beet field where soil can easily be damaged. This level field finish also helps to ease following cultivations.

Chaser body

The chaser body is built by Panien specifically for the Hydro Trike and has a capacity of 25-tonnes which makes it an ideal set-up for use with the Beet Eater 625 harvester.


Emptied by a floor trace, the rear of the body can be raised hydraulically when unloading allowing beet to be heaped to an impressive height. Alternatively the drop height can be kept to a minimum when creating heaps for self-propelled cleaner loaders to prevent damage to the crop.

Brochure and further details

Vervaet Hydro Trike brochure

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For more information please contact Matt Carse on 07825 631377.