Panien PW lime spreaders for Hydro Trike XL

The spreader

The PW lime spreader body is produced to Vervaet’s specifications by Panien specifically for mounting on the multifunctional Hydro Trike tool carrier range. Two models are available, with 15m³ or 17m³ capacities.


A metre-wide rubber belt conveyor system is used in the floor of the body and makes it capable of spreading a wide variety of products from quick lime, mineral fertilisers and powders through to coarser and damper products like crushed limestone and sewage sludge pellets. A full-width spreading auger is used which provides unrivalled accuracy with the product applied precisely at the full-rate across the whole working width, which can be specified from 12 to 16m.


Spreader functions including application rate and operating data are all controlled and accessed through Vervaet’s own state-of-the-art Tri-Control touch screen system making it an extremely operator-friendly machine to work with. The Tri-Control screen also displays important machine and spreader data from engine rpm to forward speed. It also supplies useful machine monitoring statistics such as fuel usage and work rate as well as customer or job specific data which is appreciated by contractors and farmers alike.

Brochure and further details

Vervaet Hydro Trike brochure

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For more information please contact Ben Chandler on 07825 631377.